iconDARK is an Atlanta, GA -based producer of several diverse styles of electronic music. Born in Georgia and raised in Texas and South Carolina, iconDARK has been both surrounded and fascinated by music his entire life. He finds something to love in almost every genre, so it's no wonder that iconDARK’s discography of electronic instrumentals defies categorization, bouncing from eerie dark ambient to rock-influenced electronica to bass-heavy breakbeat. He flouts the conventional wisdom and refuses to limit himself to just one subgenre.

“I like what I like; I make what I make,” he says without apology, often following with a quote from Robert A. Heinlein: “Specialization is for Insects”. The one unifying thread throughout his work stems from iconDARK’s lifelong love of imaginative fiction, horror movies, and tales of the paranormal… all of which make their way into the titles and themes of his music.

“Genre be damned. My goal is to make you feel something. Unsettled. Energized. Amused. Whatever it is, if you feel it… I’ve reached you. Mission Accomplished.”